Monday, March 13, 2006

Lighten Up!

Ok, people are way too serious. Lighten up! So instead of a real post, nothing says smile like something that's bad for you.. so enjoy the below EASY recipe:

* 7 Mars chocolate bars (regular size)
* 2 Nestle Cream (qeshta/gaimer)
* 1 Sara Lee Marble Pound Cake (may be replaced with vanilla or chocolate pound cake)
* 1 Flake chocolate bar

* Cut the Mars bars into small pieces (about 1 inch thick)
* Place above pieces in a microwave for about 20/30 secs until they're semi-melted
* Pour the 2 Nestle creams into a pot, add the melted Mars pieces, and place on stove
* Keep stirring on low heat until the Mars has completely melted and the mixture has turned completely brown
* Cut the Sara Lee cake into thin strips and line the serving pan (preferrably glass pan) with them
* Pour the chocolate/cream mix on top of the cake
* Sprinkle the Flake chocolate on top for decorative purposes
* Cover with clear wrap and place in fridge for 1.5 hours minimum before serving

* After said 1.5 hours, remove pan from fridge, grab spoon, sit in front of the TV and eat until you can't breathe, or there's none left - whichever comes first! :) oh, and don't forget to send me some!

© SF


KJB said...

7 Mars chocolate bars, 1 Sara Lee Pound Cake a 1 Flake Chocolate Bar?? looool
No wonder half the world is overweight. MSB you want to kill us or what - wain ra7 7achee el gym wel workout. Ok i know you feel like strangling me if i was infront of you.
No but seriously it sounds fingerlicious good!! You know what - how about you make it and i eat it?

MSB said...

kjb: laish, half the world eats this?? :P ya baba, i started off the post saying LIGHTEN UP.. as in, take it easy, chill, it's just a joke.. relax.. and eat chocolate! :)

7 mars bars for the whole dish.. mo sij u should sit there and eat the whole thing!! only one serving (though u wont be able to stop after 1).

el gym wil work out mawjood.. o el update will come through when it's time. ana ma gelt i'll go eat this.

thuman after ur comment, not only will i not make it, i'll have a talk with ur mother and tell her to ban u from eating anything similar! :P

June said...

I would eat this till I pass out in a diabetic coma. Nice post :D

KJB said...

You want my mum to ban me from eating cakes and desserts?? You should know better-my mum etdawor nas to try her new cakes and sweets on and when i'm at home i always make myself available for that :)

Baroque said...

jEEZ! msb u just made me crave sweets!

MSB said...

june: mmm, a diabetic coma sounds inviting!! :)

kjb: u sure u wanna go there? all i will say is, remember ur last visit home.. and remember an encounter that involved me and a wall that was defending me!! ;)

baroque: u and me both! i started a new lifestyle (better eating habits, better sleeping habits, gym, etc) and cutting out (or reducing!) things that r bad for me.. but that doesnt mean i cant fantasize!! & coming from someone who's TRIED this dessert, let me tell u.. YUMMY!!!!!!!

Hussa-G said...

I love it. I realy needed that. Miss you girl.

MSB said...

hussa: hello there! long time no see :) let me know if u try out the recipe!!!

u'll have to excuse me.. i've been out of it lately.. but hopefully i'll be back on track soon! :)

KJB said...

Jazait el 5air he was defending you and now sawaiteena 6oof?? sub7an Allah how people use the words of a language to describe loved ones :p :p
ow la you're threating me ba3ad??? hatha elee gedarteen 3alaih? mashkoora ejee minich akthar :p

MSB said...

kjb: how many times have we told u not to try to etshawesh? it always backfires on u! i'll deal with u when the time is right :P shouldn't u be working on something and sending it to me for review soon?? ;)

Amy said...

Love the Flake for "decorative purposes"!!! if the consumer would stop to notice! Bwaaaaahhahaha. Love it.

Why didn't we make this after every class we finished? Would have been a nice way to end!

MSB said...

amy: WHAT?! it *is* just for decorative purposes ;)

as for the answer to ur question.. cuz we were too busy with all the twix bars, galaxy ice cream cones, etc, which i am now trying to burn off! :| fret not though.. on ur next visit, i'll have one ready for u at the airport! :D SHOCK ur system with that sudden rush of SUGAR!

Sugar Shock = my friend!

KJB said...

nas ow nas u'll have it ready for them at the airport. Laykoon i'm coming back by road. I'm coming through that airport as well and i wanna see my share when i get outta that door ;)

MSB said...

kjb: according to u, ur mom's gonna make it for u plus other dessert items! :P

KJB said...

Ya i know my mom is gonna make me all that - bas ya3nee since you proposed it and since you seem to be extremely professional at making and eating it ;) i figured u'd show me ur skills alittle bit :)