Friday, November 24, 2006


the benefits of being sick:

* It's the best way to lose weight! (Lost 2 kgs in 24 hours!)

* It's an excellent work out (All that coughing is about to give me a six pack)

* You get spoiled (Thanks to all those who called, sms'ed, and commented)

* You get to skip work (I finally called in sick today)

* You can get some alone time (Locked myself up in my room & no one complained about that)

* You catch up on some well needed sleep (I think I'm good for the next month!)

* You can be legitimately lazy (& everyone expects that anyway)

* You get some mommy TLC (love you mama!)

If I think of more benefits, will keep you posted ;)


Dr.Lost said...


salamaaaaaaaaaaaaat :(

i hate bein sick.. bas i see the good side to it now :))

MSB said...

dr.lost: wow, didnt expect the Doc to shotgun!! Allah Esalmek.. hey, i just found another reason! if people didn't get sick, u wouldnt have a job! :)

Peony said...

& u forgot: not being forced to go out in social obligations ;p

MSB said...

peony: Allah Esalmech.. thanks! and not to worry, the getting out of social obligations falls under the 'alone time' category ;)

Yazeed said...

i was too busy watching football
i didnt check the blogs
i wasnt even online
otherwise i would have gotten that shotgun! :P

now this ladies and gentlemen is my comment:

aham shay il 6 pack! :P

MSB said...

yazeed: yeah yeah excuses.. now u know how the rest of the blog world feels when we're 'occupied' while ur shot gunning away! ;)

KJB said...

Salamat cuz...ma3alaich shar inshallah

MSB said...

kjb: Allah Esalmek thanks.. how was it? waiting for the updates/pics!! =)

Missy said...

awal shaay salamaaat and matchoofen shaay.. :)

and yeah the best part of being sick is the 'DAL3ING PART' hahah.. dont u just love how everyone come\call\sms and dale3 u :P

hahah each time i get sick i feel like a princess!

Anonymous said...

salamet tshoufeen shar enshalla!

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

I hope you do get better quite soon.. I agree with your points, I'm laid in bed now and everybody couldn't do enough for me. I am really thankful.

As to the weight loss thingy, again you're absolutely right, I've lost 12kgs in 2.5 weeks so far!

me happy just for that ;)

3abeer said...

I didn't know there was an upside to being sick .. !!

you're one optimistic gal ;)

ZiZoTiMe said...


salamat if u're sick! El benifit el wa7eda i guess sleeping more hours and no work if it's a severe case ;)

Hitman1 said...


All these advantages to being sick still doesn't compensate for the headaches, drowsiness, lack of energy, fever, etc

I rather give them all out to be healthy. I hate being sick :)

Hope you get well soon, if you didn't yet

MSB said...

missy: Allah Esalmech.. el shar ma eyeech :) and like a princess is how u should always feel!

maze: Allah Esalmek! thanks :)

mahmood: thanks.. i'm feeling better already.. only a cough that surfaces when i try to sleep is left! 12 kgs in 2.5 wks?! ouch!!! u ok????? salamat!

3abeer: every cloud has a silver lining.. u just sometimes have to look hard!

zizo: Allah Esalmek.. much better now, thanks! =)

hitman: oh i never said it compensates! i was just looking for something to make myself feel better during a time of misery! =) thanks.. much better now!