Thursday, November 02, 2006


I'm off to Kuwait for a couple days. Leaving Bahrain Friday and returning Sunday inshAllah.

Adios Amigos! (et2amroon 3ala shay?)


Yazeed said...


manaby ella salamtich
oo salmay 3ala ahl il kuwait

MSB said...

yazeed: Allah Esalmek o Ekhaleek! =)

ZiZoTiMe said...

Yayah etgezen 3endena?! :P

bel salamah enshalah :)

Delicately Realistic said...


Cant wait!

error said...

mattai 7alwa o my ligga7

Yazeed said...


DiiGMaa said...

7ayach allah ibdeertich o to9lain bilsalama inshalah.. bitnower il kuwait ibwejoodich.. o in baghaitay shay la eridich ila ilsanich :)

ayaah 3aala ree7at ilba7rain o ahalha ;*

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

enjoy ;*

MSB said...

zizo: shhh bala fethaye7 =P Allah Esalmek

delicately realistic: =))) good luck w/ur exams!!

error: ta7t amrek

diigmaa: Allah E7ayeech.. teslemeen w'Allah.. Emnawreh ib ahleha.. ma etgasreen =)

shopaholic: thanx :*

Kthekuwaiti said...

7ayach .. I am going to be visiting Bahrain for a couple days next week. Can you recommend any decent hotels? Ritz & Novotel are full; and apparently you have to be very careful with the others

MiYaFuSHi said...

7ayach alla!


Anonymous said...

welcome to kuwait....hope to see u...:)

Hitman1 said...

I wish I could say "7ayach allah" but I'm outside kuwait myself :(

MSB said...

kthekuwaiti: Allah E7ayeek... and u in turn, 7ayak fil Ba7rain.. I sent u an email with hotel recommendations. hope u got it. if not, let me know and i'll resend u the information.

miyafushi: Allah E7ayeech ya warda =)

maze: thanks.. i'll be on the lookout for a guy in a black fcuk t-shirt OR a new 'style' sporty thob ;)

hitman: it's the thought that counts.. so thanks.. as for being outside of ur home country, i was thinking along those lines tonight. at my cousin's engagement party i was watching my aunts go crazy, having fun, making jokes, being silly overall.. and i just smiled and thanked Rabbee that I moved back. I lived outside of Bahrain for 9 years and I think the best decision i made was moving back home.

KJB said...

Etro7een ow terje3een bil salamah inshallah

Anonymous said...

hope you had fun ,, its monday now ;P