Monday, November 20, 2006

My Treasures

It was an interesting weekend in the world of NFL. The Chargers beat the Broncos, Kansas City beat Oakland, and the Niners beat the Seahawks. The biggest disappointment for me, comes from the Cowboys.

We all knew that the Colts' undefeated status was going to be wiped out sooner or later. I had accepted the Chargers handing us that loss last year. But for it to come from the Cowboys this year was heartbreaking for me!

This post, and the below bit, will be of no value to most of you.. but for the 'some' of you who will appreciate the value of this, voila - for your viewing pleasure:

Joe Montana signed Jersey. I got this as a gift during December of 1997. I had thought this was the best gift ever.. That is, until I got the following:

A personalized/signed Montana football. My name was written on the left side, but I photoshopped it out for blogging purposes. I received this football as a birthday gift, June 4, 1998.


Purgatory said...

what is wrong with the cowboys! Do not meddle with my team!


MSB said...

purgatory: yes, i know.. the cowboys can dance! i just dont like them.. i say they follow Emmitt & Rice's lead and stick to dancing OFF the football field instead!


Yazeed said...

panthers on top!

hardluck 3ala il colts, they're really good and fun to watch

....on the montana father would kill to have this!
he's a chargers fan, but he's loyal to all the teams in cali :P

chargers broncos was amazing!
the panthers game was good, our defense had a very good game, the rams qb kisar kha6ry, he was sacked over and over again!

(oo lool 3ala ur comment to purg, qaweeeya:P)

MSB said...

yazeed: ya7laileh ur father.. i also have a Montana plaque (collector's edition) but forgot to include it =)

panthers r on top of the NFC south cuz brees messed up w/his 3 interceptions - which caused their loss to the Bengals (although he threw for over 500 yards!!)

would've loved to watch the chargers/bronco game.. lil asaf the timing was too late :(

as for my comment re: the cowboys, this is sports. there's no nice in sports! ;) besides, if ur a Niners fan, u can't be a cowboys fan!!

H. said...

I should have studied Sports Marketing, thats where the money is.

Yazeed said...

aham shay we are on top
and hopefully we'll stay there.
they need to tweak their game a little bit, especially in offense.

yala ma3alaih about the late times
thursday night football should be perfect for you :) ma3a inna this thursdays games are going to suck
but phili at indianapolis should be a great one!

MSB said...

h: it sure is... but not in this part of the world unfortunately.. there isn't enough investment in sports here!

yazeed: g'luck to the panthers, wala tez3al!

i cant wait for the superbowl.. this yr, Miami!!! hmmm i think i need to take Feb 5th off min al7een! :)

tooners said...

i used to LOVE the cowboys. yeah, i know... you either hate em or love em and i was the love em kind of girl. since i lived in dallas, i used to go to events they'd have. i've met lots of the players, or the old players, like emmitt, troy aikman, darrell, michael irvin... all of them. i always loved it. but.. i don't watch football any more and don't keep up w/ it. great items you have here though.

MSB said...

tooners: yeah i thought of u when the cowboys won! figured u'd be happy ;)

Anonymous said...

NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez