Wednesday, November 01, 2006


They say that people enter our lives for a reason. I've tried to sort through the different people who have come in and out of my life. To an extent, I can actually figure out some of the reasons why certain people came in.. and why departed. I can see the effects they've had on me, both positive and negative. I can see how that's molded me into the person I am today.

But you.. I wonder what purpose you served walking into my life.. And I wonder if there's a purpose behind you leaving it.


Yazeed said...

wallah i walked into ur life cause of the bahraini flag :P
oo dont worry about me leaving. ga3id ga3id

i do belive that everything happens for a reason.
it can be both positve or negative, as u, said, and its up to us to learn from it and use it.

Delicately Realistic said...




Do i really have to say it?


Yazeed said...

again with the gemini!!!

Faith said...

loved the post, what if we are all comforting ourselves in the thought that theres a bigger and better 'reason' as to why a certain person came into our life..what if there is no reason, what if they came to do damage and walk away. What if what we went in with alot more then what we came out with

im getting all philosophical, so ill stop..but interesting thoughts

Fonzy said...

never wonder why anything happens to u, u will go crazy. just go with the flow and make the best out of everything. there is a reason for everything and u dont need to know what it is immediately. u might find out years or decades later. just go with the flow:) thats my advice:)

Transparently said...

Yeah, answers sometimes take time, enshalla soon you'll get an answer ;) Everything in good time..

tooners said...

i find myself wondering about these things too at times.

i've had ppl in my life that i thought were really good friends only to find out later that they weren't... these times make you wonder.

"why do you think we've come into each other lives?" good question and one i'll ponder for a while to come, i'm sure! ;)

DiiGMaa said...

I read somewhere that People come into our lives for a reason, a seanon or a lifetime.....

so emmmmm yeah... I'm here and I ain't going anywhere ;P so live with it !;**

Anonymous said...

Is it me?....:P

MSB said...

yazeed: ha ashwa el flag esawee sheghil ya3ney!! ;) o zain inek ga3id.. 6amantny!! =)

delicately realistic: hahahaha no comment :*

yazeed: laih bacher =)

faith: being human, we always look for ways to comfort ourselves. regardless, in more than one occassion, it's been proven to me that there's a reason even to the worst of situations! something happened to me a few yrs back that i viewed as a terrible thing. within 2 weeks, i thanked GOD that it had happened.. cuz only then did i realize that it was a blessing in disguise.

fonzy: i agree.. dont worry, i dont go overboard.. i wonder sometimes, and then move on. we dont always get to know the reason why.. so for me, it's enough to believe that God Knows.

transparently: kil shay ib wagta 7elo..

tooners: good luck.. hope u find good answers! =)

diigmaa: i read that.. it's very true.. and thanks for the comforting thought.. glad ur here ;)

maze: ;) yes it's you.. so are you gonna answer my questions?