Thursday, November 30, 2006

Casino Royale

I just watched 007's latest movie. While it wasn't your typical James Bond flick (no gadgets, no gizmos, no Q!!!), I still liked it! Don't know what it is. It was a nice change to see Bond in a different light.

I'm sure die hard Bond fans are annoyed with this change. I, on the other hand, enjoyed it!


Yazeed said...

*imgafil il mo5, cant come up with a "phrase" *

no Q

#$%& this $h*t
its not an 007 movie then

MSB said...

yazeed: it's the 3rd Bond movie w/out Q (& the 1st one without Moneypenny!)

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Off topic- Miss you ;*

Yazeed said...

i know u do :)

MSB said...

shopa: 7abibty w'Allah!!! fedaitech! :* inty 3asal !!!!

yazeed: eshfeek raz el wayh?? ma sadagna a7ad gal they miss us.. gom yala! kefaya 7ob o gharam on ur site.. let us get some loving over here!! :P

Yazeed said...

damn that made me laugh!

lol 3ala " kefaya 7ob o gharam on ur site" hahahaha
shinsawee ba3ad ;)

(i like the innocent act)

ZiZoTiMe said...

For me this is the best james bond's film since Golden eye

Seroo said...

Awesome film - so refreshing and so cool.

Zizo - can't believe you think GoldenEye was the best James Bond film. No further Comment.


ZiZoTiMe said...

I didn't say it's the best james bond's film... i said t his movie is the best one since that movie... Ya3ny after Golden eye all the movies were normal to me ;)

Missy said...

hmmmm not a big fan of such movies .. im more into romantic-comedy haha!

glad u liked it. :)

MSB said...

yazeed: hahahaha and u cracked me up by claiming innocence! :P

zizo: that's cuz ur a man with good taste!! =)

seroo: yes it is! =)

missy: it's a good one! i like romantic comedies too.. but this one definitely was worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see it yet although i was told that they cut off many scenes

MSB said...

maze: it was still good =)