Monday, November 06, 2006


Throughout our lives, we meet many different types of people. Some, we hold on to and form friendships with. Some of those friendships are seasonal, while others are lifetime ones.

I have a friend I've known my whole life. I don't talk to her on a regular basis, maybe once every few weeks or so. Yet, she's probably the one person who knows the most about my life. I have other friends I haven't known as long, yet they're ones I talk to on a daily basis. And then , there are some friends I haven't known as long, don't talk to as often, yet I love them dearly and would do anything for them.

There are people who prefer having a lot of friends and others who have a few limited number of people they consider close friends. Regardless though, what makes you consider a person a close friend? And do you have different categories of friendships?


Yazeed said...

you just made me realize that i got 20000 catergories of friends :P

living in kuwait, graduating highschool, then leaving to saudi (w/o family) to study and now the US. I have been in many friendships. I got friends I still keep in contact with since my elemantary days, friends i got to know in kuwait, highschool friends, friends in college in saudi, oo friends now.

i cant really say how i choose my close friends, cause i was just comparing them, and everyone is different in his/her own way.

thanks for the post, it sure got me thinking

ZiZoTiMe said...

Friends who can go with me to eat dinner, cinema or a coffee place!
Friends who i met in Dewaneya!
Friends from high school and university!

Spontaneousnessity said...

I can't be friends with people I don't like, so to me it's either good friends or nothing, people that I know and see like once every month or so are just people I know, unless it's a unique case, like my bestfriend is away for school, but distance doesn't change the fact that she's my best friend, I am not comparing, I just don't like weirdos that's all =} and I am picky, all I ask for is for them to be themselves. hard to find.

love friendship posts, means it's appreciated =}

Aurous said...

I really don't get to choose who my friends are, they kinda get into your heart without permission :)

I can't say that I've ever categorized my friends, I guess each friend is unique and diffrent and needs his/her own category :)

Howahkan said...

I don't tend to categorize my friends, and before this post I never even thought of it, because each of them is different and unique in their own way.

Each of them have different traits that make them even more special because then you would know who to call for what, depending on their traits :)

Yet, I have only one lifetime best friend who I have known since i was 8 years old. To me if that is the only friend that exists in my life, then it's more than enough for me

tooners said...

i have a few close friends... one that is from grade school but she lives in the U.S. i have two very close friends from high school that i still email w/ and they are the ones that truly know me, altho my life has changed a lot since then.

now, i find it difficult to make close friends. before starting to blog, i thought i'd never really have friends in this part of the world, but interestingly enough, i've met some of the nicest ppl thru the net, which is a blessing. not that they truly know me or that i've ever met them, but they, at least, are a part of my life and are interesting and bring joy to my life.

one thing that i don't like about a lot of ppl over here is that they tend to gossip and not be true to the friendship. this puzzles me.

MSB said...

yazeed: =) 2000? that's a lot of categories! but i think i'm the same way. the problem is that i sometimes feel i know too many people and i can't do them all justice. not enough time. i've actually gotten in trouble before because i don't have enough time to see my friends due to time constraints.

zizo: and ur closest friends? from all categories or certain ones?

spontaneousnessity: hmm, i like that. while it's only logical, i've never stopped to look at it that way 'cant be friends with people i dont like.'

aurous: so true =) sometimes they really sneak up on u!

howahkan: by categorize, i meant for e.g. "best friends" vs "occassional friends" vs "lifetime soulmate" vs "friends borderlining acquaintences" etc..

tooners: i think as u grow older, it gets harder to make close friends! as for the gossip, that's true. i wish they can get rid of that in this part of the world. unfortunately, it's the fuel that ignites the social fire here! :/

Anonymous said...

i have 2 close friends in lebanon who i trust soo much...i know all their secrets and they know mine..

well categorize friends...i don't believe in that friends are friends...

Delicately Realistic said...

I have a gazillion categories.
I have lots of friends :/ try my best to give them equal time, not always possible, o y9er za3al.

What makes a person a close friend?
Many things.
But one thing im sure of, time plays no role in it.
Ive known ppl for very short periods of time and they have become instant sisters, others ive known for years but i never do feel myself around them.
But hey, im a gemini, when am i ever myself?

MSB said...

maze: Allah Ekhaleekom li ba3th..

DR: :* i refuse to comment and u know why! ;)