Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Enough Already!

I started work again on Sunday after being off for 2 weeks. It's been hectic since.

This was the first vacation I take and actually stay in Bahrain as opposed to travel. It's amazing what I've discovered. There are SO many hours in the day to do SO many things! I used to get up, run errands, pamper myself, meet up with friends.. and then when it felt like it was getting late, I'd look at the time and realize that people were STILL at work! It shocked me.

It was such a wake up call! I don't want to waste my life at the office or with work. It's not worth it that work gets thebetter part of me and my life/time!

Don't get me wrong, I'm an ambitious person, always got good grades in school/college, career oriented, etc. You know what that translates into in my head now? "blah blah blah"

Who cares what GPA I graduated with? Ok, it got me the job. Now what? Ok, so I got the title? And then? While all those things were important to get me where I am today, it's time for me to make a turn in my life and re-focus on other more important things.

I think a lot of us get caught up in our careers and in proving ourselves, that we sometimes don't realize that once we've accomplished that, it's time to reap the rewards.. it's time to LIVE our lives.


Yazeed said...

bang bang!
there goes the silence!

Yazeed said...

i agree!

MSB said...

yazeed: i hereby knight thee "Sir Yazeed of Shotgun" !!


Yazeed said...

*bows, while msb taps a sword on both shoulders (thats how they do it, right?)*

thank u thank u :P

Faith said...

i totally know what you mean, after deciding to work part time/with school and the 6 million other things i do..i realize there just isnt enough time to live and do the things u really wanna do, with the people closest to us

MSB said...

yazeed: wow, u actually trust putting urself in a submissive position when i've got a sword in my hand?? ;) (and yes, that's how it's done)

faith: exactly.. at some point, we just need to stop and start doing the things that matter!

Yazeed said...

yuma minich!
la yuba la knight wella ba6ee5
nan6er in9eer kings oo khala9

ZiZoTiMe said...

El sebab el wa7eeed ely 7a6aw el derasa 7aga is to ignore it
So the same reason for work
La teshtaghlain wela etsaween ay shy
Just enjoy ur life as much as u can! No time to waste.. yalla gezaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Delicately Realistic said...

Something i think about almost everyday.
"Why?!" echoes in my head non stop.
I just want to enjoy life! Why should i be the best at everything?!
It seems so silly when u thnk about it.

June said...

Amen to that! Of course, I'm in no position to be complacent now given my situation but now that you're all successful and set (mashallah) you can afford to take a chill pill and have some fun, innit?

Enjoy hun :*

Anonymous said...

live ur life girl!

MSB said...

yazeed: =)) i wouldn't hurt u!!

zizo: that's what i'm saying! ;)

DR: it's time to stop asking and start doing

june: in ur case, work ur butt off.. the enjoying bit comes later for u, mini-me ;)

maze: amen, bro! ;)