Sunday, November 19, 2006

Glutton for Punishment

Thoughts of you have been floating around in my head. The funny thing is, I recall the last time I saw you.. the last time I spent time with you. It was so frustrating. You drove me crazy.

I kept thinking to myself "what did I do to get myself in this mess?" You annoyed me so much, all I could think of was trying to get away from you. I couldn't believe that I had been counting the minutes to see you, only to find out what a big mistake it was to be around you. You made me miserable.

So explain this to me. Why is it that now I stare at my phone, hoping that you would contact me again? Why is it that I miss you so much?


Delicately Realistic said...

Do I really have to comment?
I think u know my answer anyway.


MSB said...

DR: ana agool enwaffer 3ala ba3th elmeshwar wingool 'ditto' o call it a day ;)

Yazeed said...

shda3wa shimsawee ana?

MSB said...

yazeed: Allah Ehadak, emgharbelny! bs hm ma agdar 3ala be3dek :P

Sever said...

Bad together, impossible apart - it sounds so in Russian.

It means when you are together you feel not good & so on, but when you are apart, you feel that you msut be together.
So Russian feeling.

Who is HE?
Dont say it's a SHE :-P

Yazeed said...

khala9 elyoum after the games i'll call
oo kilha 4 weeks oo i'm coming back
bella 7anna 3ad


MSB said...

sever: yup, that's exactly what this post is supposed to reflect.. bad together, impossible apart! =) but what if the impossible apart feeling is one sided?

yazeed: ashwa.. raya7t galby Allah Eray7ek denya o akhra!! khallas i promise to stop whining after this.. i've waited this long, what's another 4 weeks?! :P (a7la shay if someone reads this o esadig!!)

DiiGMaa said...

story of my life :P

MSB said...

diigmaa: looks like it's a common trait these days ;)

Sever said...

Try to make him feel the same, so it will be harmony :-D

MSB said...

sever: "he" doesnt exist..


Sever said...

Ehhh, I'm upset :-/

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