Sunday, October 01, 2006

15 Favorites

Istas has tagged me. Although I'm not a tag fan, I couldn't say no to her. So here are 15 of my favorite things. They are not my top 15 necessarily. As you know, I'm a Gemini so nothing is constant! ;)

1. Cotton Candy
2. The complete insanity in our family gatherings
3. The feeling I get after completing Al 3esha prayer
4. Getting a gift from someone close that shows how much they know me
5. Ramadan
6. A young kid's hug as he/she wraps his/her arms tight around my neck
7. The smell of fresh cut grass
8. Seeing someone go out of their way to pray on time
9. Going away on vacation
10. Seeing someone close after a long time apart
11. Getting a phone call you've been praying to get
12. AlWeqoob bi 3arafa
13. Freshly baked anything (cookies, brownies, bread)
14. The sound of a rainy night (+ thunderstorms + lightening!)
15. Memories

I tag anyone who wishes to be tagged =)


Extinct Dodo said...

#2 is a favorite of yours?!?!??!

hmmm... im scared of you :|

izzi said...

Thanks MSB:)
I wont do tags again :)
2,4,6,7,8,9,10,13 me too!!!
but 15... sometimes they hurt because memories are just that, memories and they will never happen again.

June said...

Wow, it has been a while since I've commented. What a busy little blogger you've been! I miss you MSB :(

The family gatherings thing; couldn't agree with you more, especially now. Love it.

MSB said...

extinct-dodo: =) yes, they're insane.. and they talk so loud.. and everyone pranks everyone. i love it! =) come visit and see for urself..

izzi: it's ok.. ur allowed to tag.. as long as i get to choose which ones i do or not ;) as for memories, the way i see it is, even if it'll never happen again, at least it did and we have the memories to reminds us..

june: 7abibty i miss u doesnt even begin to describe how i feel. yala come back ='(

Delicately Realistic said...

Your 15 are all my own favourites!!!
Every last one.
Except for 12 :( which i havent experienced yet.
Id3ely hal sina inshAllah

Im needing some of those things listed.

MSB said...

delicately realistic: Allah Yakteb lech inshAllah.. it's the best feeling on Earth. I can't even begin to explain. Allah Esahel lech o u get to experience it firsthand, and then u'll know for urself! =)

i need a few as well. it's been ages since my last proper vacation :/

fractal00 said...

1,2,7,9,10,13,14,15 Are all my favourites, but the best best one is combining 14 from yours with a couple from mine =) ...

MSB said...

fractal: unfortunately, we dont get a lot of #14s on this side of the world =(

fractal00 said...

This is why the few 14s we get are soooo special =)

tooners said...

i love the smell of fresh cut grass... just love it. i also love the smell of fresh baked goods like cookies and such. AND... i also LOVE the smell of rain and the sound of rain and thunder. great list you have here. i might add it to my blog. :)

MSB said...

fractal: yes they are. except when u wake up the next day to realize that there were tons of accidents as a result (ppl dont know how to drive in varying weather conditions) and the roads are full of puddles (cuz of the wonderful planning of our road contruction).

tooners: thanks.. feel free! =)