Friday, October 13, 2006

An Ooopsie

There's a colleague who's hated me from the minute I joined the company. He's made it clear on more than one occassion, in more than one form. Today, was his biggest OOPSIE though!

He meant to send an email to another coworker saying bad stuff about me. You guessed it! He accidentally sent it to me. Of course, the minute he did that, he immediately tried to recall the message a few times, unsuccessfully!

I'm sure his first heart attack was when he realized he accidentally sent me the email; his second, when he got my read receipt.

Have a good weekend. Last 10 days of Ramadan. Use them wisely.


Delicately Realistic said...

Ma 3ash min ma y7bich!

Zain sawaitay fe o rdaitay ib brood.

Allah yahdehom.

(I am trying to cope with evil colleagues as well)


Comes with the gemini territory.
Do I hear a post comin' up???

$iLveR GiRL said... those accidents actually happen ha!

You sounded cool. Good on you.

Makes me wonder how the two of you have been interfacing since then!

MSB said...

Delicately Realistic: =) thanks dear! actually aneh ma raddait 3laih at all. el 7egran ega6e3 el mesran!

yeah, i think it's time for a new post!

$ilver Girl: yes they do. and trust me, it's better to be on the receiving end, than the sending! he's been avoiding me, and i've been smiling. see, he knows he's just gotten caught and he doesnt know if i'm going to take this matter up with higher authorities. based on what he's written i can.

i'm sure he expected me to blow up or go straight to my boss with this.. since i havent, he doesnt have a clue what's going on in my head. =)

June said...

OH MY GOD! What an ass! But more like what an idiot! Hahahahahahahaha!

Good for you darling. Tell me your plan of action later ;)

MSB said...

June: =) will do hun..

KJB said...

Few applicable quotes in arabic:

"Min 7afar 7ofratan le a5eeh waqa3 feeha"

"Allah ma yi'9rob eb 3a9a"

.....what a jerk!

MSB said...

kjb: what goes around, comes around =)