Friday, October 13, 2006

FireFox Help!

I just upgraded my FireFox last night to version I used to be able to view my blog's template just fine. Now, after the upgrade, I don't see any of the blue in the background nor the header! I do see them when I use IE though, but I refuse to go from FireFox to IE.

Does anyone know what the problem could be or how I can go about fixing it? I can view all other blogs are fine, except those using the same template as mine! :/


Anonymous said...

Buddy, get a new template that actually follows proper HTML. Then it should work with both FF and IE.

MSB said...

anonymous: it used to show just fine with FF 1.0.7. it's just when i upgraded to that it stopped showing! :/

i'll try to see if i can fix it. if not, then i supposed i'll get a new template - although i just changed to this template recently and i like it!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Firefox RC2 and seen if it works?

btw im running and it doesnt show either

MSB said...

anonymous: thanks.. i just changed it :/