Sunday, October 29, 2006

College Football Upset!

The undefeated OSU (Ohio State Univ) Buckeyes might be ranked #1 in the polls right now, but it's another OSU (Oregon State Univ) that caused the uproar today. Oregon pulled a great upset by handing the #3 ranked USC Trojans their first loss!


Hitman1 said...

Without Matt Leinart and Reggie Busch, USC are not the great team they once were. They remained a pretty good football team mainly because of that excellent offensive line though.

MSB said...

hitman: yeah but USC's been a solid team.. and for them (ranked #2) to lose their 'undefeated' status by an unranked team wasn't fun i'm sure! =) now that leaves OSU & U-Mich as the only undefeated teams so far this season.

da bears managed to hold on to their winning streak. let's see how the colts do today. wish they were airing them play the broncos. i'm sure it's gonna be an awesome game. instead, i'm watching the Rams & Chargers right now :/

Yazeed said...

i am not implying anything
and there is nothing worng with this

** make sure u read both lines above before continuing**

awal marra ashoof a girl from the gulf that watches football :P
there is nothing wrong with it
bas college football! :P
hehehe i guess i am not into college football cause mine doesnt have a football team (kila min the woman that founded our college, her son got paralyzed from playing football, oo yigooloon bil school code, there is a clause that our school will never have a football team :( )

my mom and dad are chargers fans
well my mom isnt really a fan, thats what she tells my dad :P

panthers vs. cowboys in one minute!
*fingers crossed*

MSB said...

yazeed: hehehe it's ok.. ur not the first to say that. bs shasawee.. i'd rather watch a football game than go shopping. guess i'm just weird like that.

i watch college football cuz i used to attend the games during college. it was fun.. but i'm not into that as much as NFL. (cant believe ur school doesnt have a team. ur being robbed of a proper college experience! i would sue!) ;)

well, the colts/broncos game turned out to be great.. & the chargers won, so ur parents should be happy.. enjoy the panthers/cowboys game.. it's on here right now as well, but i think it's bedtime for me =)

tooners said...

i saw an ad for a new football movie coming out, and thought about you. it looks good but i can't, for the life of me, remember the name! ;)

MSB said...

tooners: i'm assuming ur talking about "We Are Marshall"? =) of course i know about it:

if they play it in bahrain, u just might have to go with me to see it! not many football fans around.. and movies like this, u need to go w/someone who understands the game. i was frustrated watching 'The Longest Yard' cuz my friends didn't get all the football comments/humor! :/