Monday, October 02, 2006

Moment of Change

One of the interesting things is that we never know what tomorrow holds. We could be happy one minute, not realizing that in a moment our whole life could be turned upside down. Or vice versa, we may feel hopeless only to wake up the next day to find that our life has taken the happiest unanticipated turn.

Thing is, you never know when that moment of change will hit you. You never know when you turn that corner, if there's good or bad news waiting for you. You won't know till you actually get there. But don't rush things. In order to 'get there', you sometimes have to cross a few bridges, a few rivers, and even a few mountains.

Do you ever wonder if you had turned a different corner, how your life would be different today? This reminds me of the movie 'Sliding Doors'. Do you believe that eventually, you'll still end up in the same destination, but the journey would be different? Or do you believe that your destination changes based on the decisions you make on a daily basis?


Faith said...

I definately do think our actions change our destination..we choose our destination by our actions

very interesting post, makes you wonder

fractal00 said...

Not really .. i think that we have a pre-planned destination, everything happens for a reason :) , our actions mainly shape up the journey to that destination, it might make it long and hard, or short and easy, and Who would know what their destination is if they havn't been there ....

In relegion they say that everything is planned out for you, and changing something in your life is simply changing the destiny god chose for you to another destiny he chose.

tooners said...

this post reminds me of a line from a george michael song: "if you had turned a different corner, we never would have met".

i think about this sometimes.. wonder what would have happened if i would have taken this job or that job or decided to do something different... but i believe in destiny and believe that it is all meant to be and the decisions one makes are for a reason. am i the only one?

izzi said...

i would like a map please.

MSB said...

faith/fractal: u guys have somewhat opposing opinions. i would have to say that i believe in destiny. and i believe that eventually the major things in life will end up the same (i.e. the destination.) however, i believe our journey changes based on our actions (whether it ends up being an easy or difficult one, for e.g.).

The only thing i have to add to that is my belief that constant prayers CAN alter ur destiny 'la yarid el qada2, illa al du3a2'.

tooners: yeah i thought of that song too as i wrote the post. so true! and no, based on my above response, ur definitely not the only one.

izzi: no maps, young lady. u have to figure out ur path on ur own. if u haven't already, watch the movie 'Sliding Doors'... a bit slow in certain parts, but watch it for the moral of the story =)

ZiZoTiMe said...

Hey i liked it... Cause really sometimes we're making many important decisions o mara7 en7es feha ela later

Yebteeeha yaib :)

MSB said...

zizo: zizo bil blog? ya 7ay Allah!!! =)

mashkoor.. kilak zaw2! ;) ee mathalan itha a7ad yak el pharamcy o u dont give him panadol FOR EXAMPLE, yamkin eroo7 mukan thanee o e9eeda shay! =)

Delicately Realistic said...

My gemini friend, ur post is one of my great fears.
I expect everything is a turning point :/

Transparently said...

I believe certain destinations are don't change, but some depend on how you decide on preceding events. Not everything is clear you know.

The start of your post reminded me of the old days as a kid, you know, when something really good happens.. it happens. These days, this kind of thing doesn't exist anymore.

MSB said...

delicately realistic: the butterfly effect =)

transparently: ahh the good old days. see, i think it also has to do with how we view things/our perception. when we were kids, we looked at things from a simplistic view. perhaps that is what is different. now, we're more cynical.