Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Prison Break - Season 2


While Prison Break's first season had me glued to the screen, I was disappointed with the first 4 episodes of Season 2. It just didn't have the same level of excitement and suspense as the first season.

That is, until I just watched episodes 5 & 6. All I can say is, YIKES! Action is back on! Now I need more.. I'm not used to this watching a few episodes at a time business. I'm used to watching a whole season at a time :/


MoClippa said...

Spot on, the first four episodes really were relatively not up to par! I ended up keeping the next few I had downloaded on the side for several days because I wasn't in the mood to put up with it at all... but its starting to get back to pace, still not there yet though...

June said...

That good, huh?


I don't even have a TV here. I'm having my brother save them all up for me so I can binge when I'm home for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

boring show... Lost, that however, is super!

Dr.Lost said...

i saw five episodes, im sooo disappointed.. even lost season 3 first episode sucked..

KJB said...

I watched up to Episode 7 of Season which is the last episode and i'm still kinda glued. However, like you said MSB i hate the fact that i have to wait one week to download each episode one at a time. However, I'm watching Lost at the same time as well

MSB said...

moclippa: good to see someone else feels the same.. hope it gets better now.

june: not wow, not as good as first season, but it's slowly picking up pace.

anonymous: second season of LOST sucked.. but the last 5 episodes cranked things up. the problem with shows like prison break and lost is, just how long can u go? prison break: once they're out of jail, just how many stories can u come up with before it starts getting ridiculous.. and when ur trapped on an island, same thing. then again, gilligan's island lasted for quite some time! :/

dr.lost: sij? that's not good to hear!

kjb: in that case, u better burn any episodes i dont have on a cd for me!! i'll take 4 episodes at a time (they dont have to all be from the same show). ur in trouble for witholding episodes! see u friday :P