Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm Fine.. Everything is Fine

When something goes wrong, there's bound to be someone who says to you, 'Don't worry; everything will be fine.' That sentence is said so often, that you find yourself start using it, 'Yeah, I'm fine.'

When you get hurt, or when you lose someone, someone tells you, 'It's ok, everything will be fine. Don't worry, life goes on.'

Yes, life does go on.. for others.. for everyone else. But what if for you, it stops at that moment. You try to move on, but nothing makes sense. It all goes back to that one moment.

Everything is not fine.


MiYaFuSHi said...

That is a depressing thought! Seriously!

DiiGMaa said...


I won't offer advice.. shan't say everything is ok and you'll be fine.. I know that you're talking about.. and sometimes you need to be in that moment and left to dwell in our sorrow and hurt.. I do hope you know that there are plenty around you who are easy to vent to and that includes me ;) I'd give ya a hug if I could..

Just keep in mind that "pain is inevitable, and suffering is optional"

Smile sunshine.. the world is so much brighter when you do ;*

MSB said...

miyafushi: not really depressing.. it's just the truth. personally, i think it's easier to deal with the truth than lie to ourselves and pretend things aren't what they really are. i think the quicker we acknolwedge things as they are, the quicker we can recover or learn how to adjust.

diigmaa: thanks 7abibty. ma etgasreen =)) i like ur quote!

dont worry. i'm ok. i wasn't just talking about myself in this post. i was talking in general terms as i've seen it so many times with others. like i said to miyafushi, sometimes it's better to face reality rather than live a lie. sooner or later, things catch up with us and pull us down. i've seen so many people live in denial and then one day just completely crack under the pressure.

Allah Kareem.. everything happens for a reason. Even bad things, al7mdl'Allah.. Allahuma la e3terath.


ZiZoTiMe said...

What can i say?! el denya ma teswa i guess

3eedech embarak :)

MSB said...

zizo: 3laiiiiik nooor! exactly.. akhrat.ha, kilena ray7een ray7een! :)

o int ib alf se7a o salameh inshAllah.. kil 3am wint ibkhair..

error said...

re discover your self!!

error said...

u'll be amazed!!

MSB said...

error: u think so?

Fractal00 said...

Tell me about it ...
Welcome back and everything will be fine eventually ..i mean people have got to stop being stuck in the moment sometimes

Anonymous said...

Ur right...although life goes on but it will be stuck in your memory...my first cousin died in Aug...he was like a brother to me...i just can't imagine that we've lost him...but this is his fate...

MSB said...

fractal: thanks. i AM fine.

maze: i'm sorry to hear that.. Allah Yer7ameh, may he rest in peace! One never really recovers 100% from things like that. A part of us is lost/broken. We go on because we learn how to function with that lost/broken piece, not because it got fixed.

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