Wednesday, October 25, 2006


"In this age of mobility emotions are expressed for the moment, and just that moment, because in an instant you'll find yourself somewhere where that emotion is no longer applicable. "*

* Waterlilie


ZiZoTiMe said...

6ol 3omrech kalamech kebeer

anyways el emotions mo mawjoda men al7en so don't worry :P

June said...

MSB! I thought you weren't blogging anymore! I expected you to be gone for like, a month! Haha I knew you couldn't hold out :P

Only joking love. I haven't been checking your blog coz I thought you were not posting anymore. Ah well. Here I am again.

I love that quote. Very Gemini and I can totally relate.

MSB said...

zizo: ;) good to know..

june: la 7abibty, i just took a quick "life" break =) good to hear from you as always.. yeah, the quote struck me first time i read it..