Wednesday, October 25, 2006

External Hard Disk

I'd like to buy an external hard disk. Any recommendations? I'd like something in the 200+ GB range.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you make your own? Upgrade your internal hard drive with a higher capacity one, then invest a few more KDs on a USB enclosure and use it to house your old HD.

MSB said...

anonymous: thanks for ur help.. to answer ur question, hmm, well, cuz 1) i have a laptop 2) i don't know how to do what u just said :/

Anonymous said...

OK, you can do the same with a small size enclosure – they are available for 5 KD or less – if you can open up your laptop or have someone else to do it.

But lets keep it simple: buy a HD of a suitable capacity and a USB enclosure. Current HDs are so cheap I lost track of how much they cost. Putting the HD inside the enclosure is easy, all it will take is a few minutes and the only tool you’ll need is a Philips screwdriver. The procedure involves opening the enclosure and attaching the data ribbon and the power cable to the HD (you will not mistake them!), fasten a few screws, close the enclosure. That’s it.

Kthekuwaiti said...

I am not a fan of building your own harddrive .. the enclosures sold in Hawalli are cheap and poorly made.

The last time I checked prices:

Western Digital:

200gb = 49kd
250gb = 46kd (cheaper than 200gb)
300gb = 85kd

MSB said...

anonymous: thanks..

kthekuwaiti: i'm thinking of ordering thru amazon.. i'm assuming they'd be cheaper than what i'll find in bahrain? i'll check prices here i guess and then do a comparison online to see if it's worth it or not.

i'll prolly go for the 250gb.. seems more reasonable than the other 2 options.


Anonymous said...

The only question is: What are you going to do with all that porn, msb?

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Get a new laptop first...

MSB said...

anonymous: sell it

shopaholic: hahaha ya7lailech.. u rememberd! w'Allah inech a7san minee.. aneh half way through the comments i remembered that i'd wanted to buy a new laptop! =) i'll be on the hunt for one this coming week inshAllah.. wish me luck!

Delicately Realistic said...

Oh my goodness.
I asked my dad to get me a week ago :/
Mishta6a o 7alty 7ala....still havent used it hehehehe

Gemini :P

MSB said...

delicately realistic: why am i not surprised?? ;)

Fractal00 said...

Ok external Hard disk prices are falling and are falling quickly, not 4 month ago were the prices of 500 GB drives around 400 to 500 dolars depending on Brand. Now i have to second those who went with Western Digital, they are the only drives that cut it out with me during the years, i still have all my WD drives functional like the day i boguht them.

Now when you buy an external hard disk, you have a couple of consideration to take. What are you goign to use it for, is it just going to lie there on your desk at home or are you going tot ake it around with you to work and when you travel. Another thing you have to know is that basically there are two types of drives, Ones you have to connect to an electrical outlet so that they can turn on, and USB powered drives which you can use simply by connecting the USB cord to the PC.

Now these are the ones that i would recommend for you

a- for home use (put on ur desk at home never to leave that spot hehe) :-

-Western Digital My Book Pro Edition 500 GB External Hard Drive with Triple Interface 289$ i found it on amazon going for 265$ also

-Western Digital 250 GB USB 2.0/Firewire External Hard Drive with Dual Option Backup and USB ( WDXB2500JBRNN ) 123$ found it on amazon as low as 115$

so price isn't quite a problem there since both of them are fairly cheap compared to what they can give you.

B- the Take it with you type of Drives basically a Western Digital Passport Model:-

-120GB Wd Passport 5400 Rpm 2MB 2.5IN USB 2.0 .. 147$ (this one is really awesome, i use this one alot and i absue it as much as possible which never seems to affect it in any way , this is my choice for light use)

MSB said...

fractal: thanks.. will look into it after i get my new laptop.

Anonymous said...

Ich moechte die Interne Platte meines Laptop mit einer externe tauschen.
Was habt ihr für einen Vorschlag??