Thursday, October 05, 2006

Memory Lane

A few posts ago I wrote that one of my favorite 15 things is: memories. Apparently, when I wrote that, it must've triggered something in my brain because ever since then I've been having extreme flashbacks!

You're sitting there one minute, the next your mind takes you back 15 years. You smile at the memory and move on. I can't even remember what I ate two days ago.. but some memories, even a lifetime can't erase. Somehow, your brain stores it, and throws it back at you years later!

Last night I had a flashback of something that happened back in 1991. So I went ahead and emailed the person involved in that memory. Ironically, today, I get an email from another friend with regards to a memory that occurred back in 1992!

Most of the time though, the memory remains as that.. just a memory. You remember someone, you think about it for a minute, and that's the end of that. Doesn't it make you wonder sometimes, if there are other people who remember you and you don't know about it?


Delicately Realistic said...


MSB said...

delicately realistic: and this is when i pray that all those who think of others actually get off their bums and email/sms or send a mesg saying 'hi, u were on my mind'!!


of course, that's just wishful thinking.

izzi said...

Because i have moved around a lot, i met a lot of people that were once a big part of my life and then we lost touch... and i always wonder if they remember me and think of me like i do... i hope so... and i love these types of emails i'm always happy when i receive them... :)

MSB said...

izzi: diff people leave marks in our life.. and it's so nice to reach into our mind's back drawer and pull out a few of those memories every now and then. it's even nicer when people reach out and remember us..

ZiZoTiMe said...

It happens all the time! el moshkela ya nasy el esem ya nasy wain shayfa ya nasy shino salfeta... Y3ny memory naq9a :P

MSB said...

zizo: hahaha only you would say something like that! =) yabeelak memory enhancer. yala, ur the pharmacist!

tooners said...

i find that i wonder about this too. there's a particular friend that i had years ago that i sometimes think of and wonder if she remembers the same things.

sounds like we all do pretty much the same thing.

MSB said...

tooners: guess we should all reach out and touch someone then ;) if u have a way to contact her, send her a mesg. i'm sure she'd love to hear from u. my best friend from 3rd grade somehow tracked me down and sent me an email once. it was the best feeling hearing from her!