Thursday, October 12, 2006

Series Junkie

Last night was Prison Break, tonight was Grey's Anatomy, Season 3 - first 3 episodes. What I love about Grey's Anatomy is that it covers everything. You've got your drama, your comedy, your tragedy, your failures, your successes... a bit of everything really. It's real, and the morals behind their stories apply to most of us, in one sense or another.

Season 3 looks good so far. Nice to know at least one of these shows is starting off the season on the right foot.


ZiZoTiMe said...

Lost Season 2 methel ma geltay awela kan boring mo bs normal o ba3dain 9ar 7elo... Moshkelta ena wayed kalak o chethb o takhref o ghal6at! Madry laish kharha el director!? Bs still I wanna watch it

Grey's Anatomy in my list After Eed enshalah

Bs esme7ely... The top one in my list o bedon ay monafasa tothkaaar:


MSB said...

zizo: do u mean u havent seen grey's anatomy AT ALL, or u havent seen any episodes from season 3 yet?

i've got a vacation coming up after eid inshAllah.. hopefully i'll catch up some more.. i might come to kuwait for a wknd or something, so u can go ahead and have those episodes ready for me on a cd if u want! =)))

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I havent seen any of grace anatomy! I thought it airs thursdays, not today! Tonight was LOST and boy it was great. Now "the nine" is showing and I love it.

nonnah said...

Grey's Anatomy and Prison Break are my favorite series so far =)

I do agree, GA encompasses different genres..i think thts why it scores really well.

Do you recommend any other series to watch?

MSB said...

shopa: i get them all on dvd/cd =) so far i've gotten the first 3 episodes.. i dunno how many have actually been released so far in the US. I'm scared to check their website in case there's some spoiler out there. LOST inshAllah I'll check out soon.

nonnah: i dont think i want to get hooked on any more shows to be honest with u! =) btwn desperate housewives, lost, prison break and grey's anatomy, i waste enough hours already! =)

Delicately Realistic said...

Im saving it for after ramadan!!

Tinkerbell said...

i want grey's anatomyyyyyy :( i haven't even gotten through season 2 :P

MSB said...

delicately realistic: ee zain etsaween.. aneh i wait till i have 3-4 episodes then watch it..

tinkerbell: :O what r u waiting for??? watch tara season 3 is even better!!

ZiZoTiMe said...

I didn't start watching any episode of Grey's Anatomy... Ee i didn't watch it yet... Nothing at all :P