Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Find Time

We're in the 43rd week of this year. That means, there's only 9 more weeks left to 2007. Yes, 2007?!?! Where did time go? Last I checked, people were still freaking out over the Y2K "crisis"!

Can someone please tell me where the last 7 years went?


Delicately Realistic said...

i havent done what i wanted to accomplish this year yet!

MSB said...

delicately realistic: better get crackin' ;)

Anonymous said...

Damnnnn.....years pass so fast....i'm turning 31 in 2007...:(

MSB said...

maze: yeah they do! :( it's ok.. repeat after me: the 30's are good.. the 30's are good.. now keep repeating it, until i stop believing it.. then throw it back at me. ok?