Saturday, October 07, 2006

As Always

As I lay in bed, my mind drifts. I think of how we met.. how our friendship developed over time. Amazing how not long ago you were a stranger. I had no idea you existed in the world. Then suddenly, not only did you enter into my life, but you became a cherished close dear friend.. one who occupied a big part of it.

We just clicked. Sounds so cliche, but that's what happened. We got along, shared laughs, tears, problems, frustrations. It was nice because I knew that I could always be myself around you.. my good self and my bad self.

I close my eyes and wonder what happened to you. Why do I suddenly feel that you've changed? Why has my sixth sense been acting up lately warning me about you? Have you indeed changed? Or worst yet, have you always been this way?

Sometimes, people exit our lives, just as quickly as they entered into them. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Not everyone is here to stay. Time has a funny way of revealing things.. the truths we hide today, eventually surface. Until then, I remain, the same friend I promised to be.


izzi said...

Also, some people are just plain crazy, and fool us.

Delicately Realistic said...

Check my new post.
It seems all we geminis are reminiscing.
Im getting deja vu feelings, have i said this Have i? Im getting deja vu from typing this too! :P

Anyway....i too have been evaluating a certain frienship today as well :)

MSB said...

izzi: those who fool others will eventually be discovered.. u know that first hand. so dont worry.. if u fall for someone's lies, that just means ur a good person. as long as u were sincere, let them worry about the burdens of their sins. if they have bad intentions, sooner or later, what goes around definitely comes around! so keep ur chin up and smile.. the best is yet to come.

delicately realistic: i just read ur post =) yes we are. next time let me know when ur gonna post something along the same lines as me.. i'll just link my post to urs and write 'Ditto' ;)

or better yet, we need to start a group gemini blog for all geminis to post on.. we can call it "Geminis Unite" or "Geminis' Gems".. ok ok, leave me alone. it's 6 am and i havent slept yet! =)

fractal00 said...

You assume and think too much ... lighten up!!

sobrietybreedscontempt said...

lmfao!!! It'd be fun to name that!
Justifying Geminis: a breed on our own!?

I was getting on the deja vu and nostalgia trip only to recently, so I chose to plunge with both feet into work and friends. It's addictive, reminiscing... :)

Gems Rule though!!!!

Delicately Realistic said...

I LOOOOOOVE the idea!
Lets start a new joint getting all sorts of ideas :) emailing u if u dont mind.

ZiZoTiMe said...

Eeeee... al3ab shy lama nen9edem fe ensan greb.. 3alshan chethy better not to have close friends i guess ;)

MSB said...

fractal: i never assume and my gut is almost always right. so i learned to trust it. dont worry, i dont need to lighten up cuz i learned a long time ago to expect the unexpected. makes life easier that way.

jitterbug: we ARE a diff species.. we can entertain ourselves all on our own too! ;) yes we do! (and i still sing that song every time i see ur nick!)

delicately realistic: =) only a gemini would fall for that idea! to be continued via email.

zizo: aham shay, dont trust everyone. no matter how close u get to someone, expect that one day that person might do something to hurt u. it's not being a pessimist, more like being a realist. that way, u protect urself from getting hurt. all u do is shrug and think 'yeah, knew this was gonna happen sooner or later' and u move on. and if it doesnt happen, then u consider urself lucky and ham move on! =) see, simple!

tooners said...

always trust your gutt... it's a woman's best defense.

i've found, more often than not, that i'm usually right about ppl. they say to always trust your first impressions as well.

MSB said...

tooners: i agree with gutt instinct.. first impressions havent always been on the mark though.

Sever said...

I said a seditious thing today.
"There is no friendship. Anyway someone will betray you" - I said to my friend.
It was said about friendship of 5 girls.
Did I want to hurt her?
Probably, yes.
But I did not see the other way to explain to her what was going on...
& it was the answer for my feeling hurt, too.

Anyway, it's out of topic I guess, sorry.

I believe that people can change.
But not as they want, but with time... by different situations.

I think it happened to your friend.
& probably, it happened to you, too.
May be your ways started to go to different sides long time ago. May be it was so from the beginning. But it was not so clear as now.

Right, it's not bad, not good.
It's just so.

How often there is just illusion, just form of friendship.
So often it goes with one word only - MUST.
You are friends, so you MUST call her.
You are friends, so you MUST to support her.

It's more easy to pretend & to play friendship than to escape from it.


But I don't want & can't more.

MSB said...

sever: long time no see!

sorry u had to go thru that..

the point of my post is this: people change. that is not necessarily a bad thing (hence, the last sentence in the post.) if friendships fade or drift cuz people change, then that's ok. that's part of life. however, if it's because one person has bad intentions, then that is not acceptable.

at the end of the day, people's actions speak louder than words.. and even when things go wrong, how someone goes about trying to correct things is also a sign of how much the friendship means to them, regardless of what happened.

DaNDoOoSha said...

I've been there dear. And i am still living ur words and i dont know where this road will take me. I am in a state of confusion that freaks me out. I am so afraid that i'll do sth stupid and loose him as a friend. we were great when we were friends only, but when i opened up with him and showed him that i have feelings for him, he changed ! God !!

MSB said...

dandooosha: i'm sorry u had to go thru this.. thing is, life throws us punches every now and then. we need to learn how to take them with pride, and move on. we also need to learn when it's time to fight for something, and when it's time to just let go.

good luck.