Saturday, October 28, 2006


I'm not a fan of Japanese (or Thai) food, but I finally caved in and went with a friend to Mirai tonight. I think I was the only person in Bahrain to not have tried it yet!

Starters: Edamame & Shrimp Popcorn.. those were yummy!

: I ordered the Chicken Teppanyaki (it wasn't that great) and she ordered Maki - California & Tempura (that was actually good.)

: I ordered the Chocolate Explosion & she had the Crisp Apple Strudel. They looked AWESOME, but didn't taste good at all :(

The decor was warm. The atmosphere was nice, mainly dependent on whether you're lucky enough to have a good crowd turn out the day you go or not. All in all, it wasn't bad.


June said...

Used to go there and it's fantastic but today I went to this restaurant called Nobu and it's AMAZING. The food is yummy, the atmosphere is cool and the company was fantastic. We have to go when you get here inshallah.

MSB said...

june: u used to go to mirai? how come u never took me with u?! =)

inshAllah u'll know all the good food places so u can take me there when i come visit u bthn Allah.. typical Arab! food HAS to be involved or we cant function! :/

Anonymous said...

Come here and try sakura or maki...then i guess u'll be a great japanese fan...

MSB said...

maze: the problem is that i'm not big on seafood (but i like shrimp) and i'm not a fan of raw food. will come to kuwait soon and check it out ;)